With the modern world all turning to mobile applications, it is important to keep up with the technical evolution of the business world. 

RED Studios is a premier iOS/Android development operation based in San Antonio, Texas that creates high quality mobile applications.

RED Studios provides development and maintenance on databases and servers.

Whether you are hosting a private business server, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud servers, we can help you set up, optimize, and maintain your servers and databases.

RED Studios builds beautiful websites designed to help your business develop a web presence, create quality exposure to your branding and business, reflect the culture, brand, and tone of your business, and rank strongly with all major search engines with premier search engine optimization.

RED Studios focuses strongly towards helping small business owners who need help establishing or improving their business. With over 15 years experience in the startup and small business world, RED Studios can help quickly establish your business so you can get on with what you love the most about running your business. 

Having worked in corporate America and interacting with many development companies and contract developers, we often found holes in the development that always cost more time and money in the future. Whether it was the lack of documentation or hacked code thrown together to meet a deadline, we would constantly spend resources fixing or creating band aids for functionality that should have been done right the first time.

Finally tired of this cycle of inadequacy, Real Epic Development Studios was created to provide a complete service. With a focus on future development whether by RED Studios or another team, we wanted to provide an organized, well documented, and future focused code base to our customers. Every development company can provide the result customers are looking for. Few take the time and effort required to do it with a clean, document code base and architecture.

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