Our Story

Having worked in corporate America and interacting with many development companies and contract developers, we often found holes in the development that always cost more time and money in the future. Whether it was the lack of documentation or hacked code thrown together to meet a deadline, we would constantly spend resources fixing or creating band aids for functionality that should have been done right the first time.

Finally tired of this cycle of inadequacy, Real Epic Development Studios was created to provide a complete service. With a focus on future development whether by RED Studios or another team, we wanted to provide an organized, well documented, and future focused code base to our customers. Every development company can provide the result customers are looking for.

Few take the time and effort required to do it with a clean, document code base and architecture.

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Our Approach

Many development companies provide the end result you may want, but is not sustainable for future development.

What sets us apart:

Full documentation on architecture of software and databases

As part of the solution RED Studios provides their customers, we produce the database diagrams, relationships between them, storyboard and/or application designs, and initial user documentation and quick start docs.

Full Transparency in development, be included in each step if desired

Besides being part of the design, peer into the window of the development process by being granted access to the coding sprints, road maps, and internal project management.

Design with future development in mind

Too often development companies create satisfactory work until you want to build on the foundation they built. Then you realize it was coded with just that task in mind and the whole module needs to be rebuilt. RED Studios creates software with the future in mind, creating compartmentalized code that makes evolving your applications easier in the future.

Northern California

is based in Sacramento, California

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