Full Service Software Development

Real Epic Development Studios is a full service software development company focused on creating high-quality software for our discerning customers.

Why RED Studios?

Proper development is a frustratingly hard thing to both receive as a client and provide as a company. RED Studios fixes these headaches. We provide excellent, high quality talent as well as very strong project management throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). RED Studios offers what we call, the Full Service Concierge. There is no additional cost for this service because it is part of our mission and values as a company. Read below to learn more.




We are here for you. Whether you want to hand off the work and see it when it is completed, or you want frequent, daily updates. It is up to you and we are happy to accommodate our clients needs.

Full Documentation

Full Documentation

We provide documentation at every step of the process; business requirements, wireframes, backend dictionaries and database architecture, knowledge base and guides are examples provided.

Transparency window


We believe in the full transparency of development. This means our clients can peek behind the curtain to see what development is happening and the work going on.

Advice and Design Help​

Advice and Design Help

We design for user flow, user experience, reliable functionality, and modularization for future development. We provide assistance to any design a client may have in mind or will design it ourselves so our clients do not have to.

Supporting Documents and Guides

Supporting Docs and User Guides

User help documentation is often left on the wayside, however, we make sure it is not.

Build for the Future

We want to make sure the development we produce can be used in the future as systems evolve. We build with the future in mind using the latest industry best practices.

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