Servers and Databases

RED Studios provides development and maintenance on databases and servers. Whether you are hosting a private business server, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud servers, we can help you set up, optimize, and maintain your servers and databases.

Network Cables

The same can be said for database development. If you are interested in creating a back end database, prototyping an experimental database, or need to restructure an existing one, we can help.


We are proud to offer special discounts on server and database builds with maintenance & support contracts to support your budget.


Customize your server and/or database for your particular applications and needs. We think it should be as easy as just turning a key and your system is ready to go. Our turn key systems include all the hardware and software necessary for your build. Other traditional data center builds can waste time and be overly expensive. We want your system to have flexibility, be quickly deployed, and customized to fit your facility and budget.


Rapid prototyping can offer you great benefits when utilized as part of the design process. It can shorten the time to market as well as improve quality and reduce costs. Our designs optimize data transfer and allow for easy expansion.

Design and Development of Databases

Our designs follow the strictest standards of database development. We carefully consider every viewpoint during planning and document everything with special care to design, entity-relationship schemas, and triggers for future users. Your data belongs to the future so we make all structures transparent and define constraints to maintain data integrity.

We put in the effort to optimize your speed, normalize your data to function with complex SQL and NoSQL arrangements, and plan for increasing backup time in the build with consideration for failover clustering, replication, and auto-backups to ensure that your structure persists. 

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