Our Mission

Provide complete, future-focused service with transparency and dedication to the quality our clients deserve.

Who we are

Real Epic Development Studios was created to provide a complete service. With a focus on future development whether by RED Studios or another team, we wanted to provide an organized, well documented, and future focused code base to our customers.

Every development company can provide the result customers are looking for. Few take the time and effort required to do it with a clean, document code base and architecture.

Design with the future in mind

Based in Sacramento, California

How we work


We will meet each client’s specific communication needs whether it is a hands-off approach or detailed daily updates.

Advice and Design Help

We will help design each screen a user will see, ensure you are maximizing user experience, and offer considerations how features might effect the system as a whole.

Full Documentation

Receive full architecture designs, business requirements, mock ups, support documentation on all work completed

Supporting Documents and Guides

User help documentation is often left on the wayside. We make sure it is not.


Be included on the day to day development through a dashboard and make changes as the market dictates in our agile environment

Dedicated Representative

Talk to the same person throughout the project who will champion your cause.

Why us


“RED studios was essential for creating the technology we use. We would not be where we are today without their expertise.”

Having worked in corporate America and interacting with many development companies and contract developers, we often found holes in the development that always cost more time and money in the future. Whether it was the lack of documentation or hacked code thrown together to meet a deadline, we would constantly spend resources fixing or creating band aids for functionality that should have been done right the first time.

Many development companies provide the end result you may accept, but it is often done with little transparency and only enough effort to give you the desired result. R.E.D Studios focuses on both the customer satisfaction with the development AND with the process. We believe if we make the process easy and transparent for you, the process will be exciting and something to look forward to. R.E.D Studios offers what we call, the Full Service Concierge.

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